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college student in his room Barcelona

Student residence: the best experience


Student residences are a great option for those who due to their studies must leave their relatives' homes, and want to do it in a comfortable way, which allows them to live focusing on what really matters.

In addition, it is an option that satisfies both parents and children, since the parents are able to remain calm, knowing that their children are living in a well-equipped and safe place, where they can also eat a balanced diet. For young people, it is a step forward on the path of independence and maturity, since, although they are in a residence and there is always someone taking care of the facilities and residents, they begin to live independently, and they have to organize their day and plan all the tasks derived from your study.

There is a general belief that the student residence is only for the first years of the degree, but we believe that it is also a very interesting option for those looking for accommodation with services included and full board. Doing the weekly shopping, thinking about the menus for each day and cooking them, involves a huge time that often seems to be incompatible with our busy schedules. Thus, the residence is an interesting option to live more comfortably.

How to enjoy the best experience in our residence?

Our student residence is located next to the Sagrada Familia, so one of the recommendations to enjoy the experience to the fullest is that you go out and explore its surroundings, which are full of life and shops of all kinds.

Likewise, we recommend that if you have the opportunity, you do it accompanied by other residents. Thus, in addition to knowing the neighborhood, you will improve your relationship with your colleagues.

Another of our tips is that you try to plan the week, so that you can organize all the pending tasks and schedules. In this way, you can better plan your chores, while making the most of your free time, since having it organized you can make more plans. In addition, the person in charge of the residence, Meli, will be able to prepare meals and organize the cleaning of the room, according to your schedule, so that you have everything ready when you need it.

Finally, and being a small and super familiar residence, we always recommend communicating any type of need, comment or suggestion, both to us and to the rest of the colleagues, so that Barcelona Residencias Sardenya always remains a space full of good times, friendship, smiles and personal growth.


  • Ideas to celebrate Sant Jordi 2021

    Ideas to celebrate Sant Jordi 2021

    23 APR 2021

    In the last article we published a few days ago, we explained the origin of the celebration of Sant Jordi's day, a day that is full of magic, friendship, and expressions of affection and love.

    Last year due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic, Sant Jordi could not be celebrated as on previous occasions. This year, although we must be respectful and cautious with our activities, we will be able to go out again to admire the colorful streets that flood the city of Barcelona, ​​every April 23rd.

  • The legend of Sant Jordi

    The legend of Sant Jordi

    14 APR 2021

    As every year, today April 23rd, the day of Sant Jordi is celebrated, a super important date in Catalonia, and in other autonomous communities, in which Barcelona specifically lives in a super special way.

    The streets are filled with colors and life, since every April 23, everyone goes out for a walk through the streets of Barcelona, ​​to buy roses or books, which they will later give to their loved ones, as a token of affection and affection.

  • April: seasonal food

    April: seasonal food

    06 APR 2021

    With the arrival of April, a super special season begins and that in addition to being full of colors and aromas, marks the beginning of good weather.

    In addition to gradually enjoying a warmer climate, the days are also getting longer, and personally we love it, since the day lasts much longer if at the end of classes or work, you still have a few moments of sun. Some people prefer wintertime, but we are fans of summertime and its long sunny days.

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