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university student at the residence hall in Barcelona


  • How to access a university residence in Barcelona

    Barcelona residencias is a private residence hall in the center of Barcelona. Access to a student residence is less restrictive and the requirements are different from those that will require you to access a Residence Hall.

    But let's start from the beginning, do you know what are the differences between Residencia de Estudiantes and Colegio Mayor? We explain them to you: The Colegio Mayor are centers, in the majority with a marked religious character and that are assigned to a specific university, so only students of that university are accepted.

    To be able to access a Colegio Mayor they can request some requirements such as an average grade of studies and / or pass a personal interview. The rules of coexistence also tend to be more restrictive, with schedules of entry and exit and greater control over residents. The private students residences such as Barcelona Residencias, are not linked to any specific university, so students from any public or private university in Barcelona can access them.

    Each student residence defines the services that it wants to offer its residents, the rates or the rules of coexistence. Any young person who goes to study in Barcelona can stay in Barcelona Residences, independently of the University or Educational center to which you are going to go. It is also a mixed residence hall, for girls and boys.

    The only requirement is to come wanting to meet new people and take advantage of your study stay in Barcelona. To find out if we still have places available, you can contact us by phone at 934 141 850, by e-mail at info@barcelonaresidencias.com or by filling out this form.

  • What is the cost of living in a university residence?

    Studying in Barcelona, for those students who live in another city, entails associated expenses such as accommodation in a student residence or a shared flat. Living in a shared apartment can be a priori cheaper than staying in a student residence, but there are aspects to consider:

    • In a student residence with full board service such as Barcelona residencias you have included all the meals of the day, 7 days a week. This has many advantages: varied and healthy food, forgetting to make the purchase, to cook ...
    • Supplies: another important aspect to keep in mind is that the supplies are included, so you forget about the scares in the bills of light or gas.
    • Cleaning service: our rates include weekly cleaning of your room, with change of sheets and towels, plus daily cleaning of common areas. The most advantageous thing about staying in a student residence is knowing how much you are going to pay each month, without surprises.

    If your budget is adjusted, it is a good option to choose the option of sharing a room and / or bathroom, since the rate is cheaper. You can check our all-inclusive rates here. You must bear in mind that in addition to the monthly rent you will have to make a single payment of the registration fees, and deposit a deposit that will be returned at the end of the stay.

  • I am a foreigner What should I do to study in Barcelona?

    First you must choose the business school or the University of Barcelona where you want to study. After achieving admission to the university, you must go to the Embassy or Consulate of Spain in your country; to identify all the necessary documentation and procedures. The requirements to enter Spain depend on the nationality of the foreign student, the reasons for their trip and the duration of their stay. There are a series of procedures that you must carry out in your country of origin, and others once you are in Barcelona. For more information you can check this post on our blog for students.

  • The reservation of a place in our student residence

    The reservation of a place in our student residence

  • El transport des de la nostra residència universitària

    La nostra residència d'estudiants està situada al barri de l'Eixample, al costat de la Sagrada Família. A 20 metres de l'entrada a la residència hi ha la parada de metro "Sagrada Família", per on passa la línia 2 (lila) i la línia 5 (blava). Si prefereixes moure't amb bicicleta, tens la parada del bicing just davant. També disposes de nombroses línies d'autobús, inclosa la que porta a la Zona Universitària. En aquest enllaç disposes de més informació sobre el transport públic a Barcelona. Aquí disposes d'informació sobre com arribar a la residència d'estudiants des de diferents universitats de Barcelona:

  • The schedule of our student residence

    In Barcelona residences, residents do not have a time limit for entering and leaving the residence. Each resident has their own key to access at the time that best suits them. If you arrive at night, if it is obligatory to respect the rest of the companions and make the minimum possible noise. The breakfast hours are from 7 to 10.30 hrs. Lunch times are from 13 to 15.30 hrs and dinners are from 20 to 22 hrs. If the schedules of your university do not allow you to take part in these hours, discuss it with the staff of the residence. It is also possible to request food to take away whenever necessary.

  • Can I visit the residence?

    And so, you are more than welcome to visit our student residence. So that we can assist you better, request a visit by phone 934 141 850 or by e-mail to info@barcelonaresidencias.com

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