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The legend of Sant Jordi


As every year, today April 23rd, the day of Sant Jordi is celebrated, a super important date in Catalonia, and in other autonomous communities, in which Barcelona specifically lives in a super special way.

The streets are filled with colors and life, since every April 23, everyone goes out for a walk through the streets of Barcelona, ​​to buy roses or books, which they will later give to their loved ones, as a token of affection and affection.

Although tradition indicated that women received a rose, and men a book, we are of those who think that this is old-fashioned, and that each person should receive what makes them most excited, or even: why not both?

What is the origin of this celebration?

This celebration so special and loved by all Catalans and residents of the community, takes us to a small town in the province of Tarragona (Montblanc), which lived in fear of the presence of an evil dragon, which attacked the town and its inhabitants unless an offering was made to him every day.

To avoid these dreaded attacks, each day a person from the village was randomly selected to be given as an offering. One day after the draw ended, the person chosen was the princess, who was handed over to the dragon. However, and to everyone's surprise, when she was about to be devoured, Sant Jordi appeared, a daring knight who did not hesitate for a second to face the dragon, with great courage. Sant Jordi defeated the dragon, stabbing his sword in the heart, and thus rescuing the beautiful princess. But where does the famous rose appear? Well, the legend goes on to say that from the blood that flowed from the heart of the dragon, a rosebush of red roses was born, of which the knight cut the most beautiful, and gave it to the princess. Hence the tradition of giving a red rose to women.

The tradition of the book came later, and although its origin is not entirely clear, popular belief says that the princess was so grateful, that she began to write poems about the feat, which she later gifted to the knight as a token of her enormous gratitude.

If you liked this post, don't miss the activities we are preparing on our Instagram account @barcelonastudenthousing, where you can learn the full story through a Sant Jordi quiz.


  • Ideas to celebrate Sant Jordi 2021

    Ideas to celebrate Sant Jordi 2021

    23 APR 2021

    In the last article we published a few days ago, we explained the origin of the celebration of Sant Jordi's day, a day that is full of magic, friendship, and expressions of affection and love.

    Last year due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic, Sant Jordi could not be celebrated as on previous occasions. This year, although we must be respectful and cautious with our activities, we will be able to go out again to admire the colorful streets that flood the city of Barcelona, ​​every April 23rd.

  • April: seasonal food

    April: seasonal food

    06 APR 2021

    With the arrival of April, a super special season begins and that in addition to being full of colors and aromas, marks the beginning of good weather.

    In addition to gradually enjoying a warmer climate, the days are also getting longer, and personally we love it, since the day lasts much longer if at the end of classes or work, you still have a few moments of sun. Some people prefer wintertime, but we are fans of summertime and its long sunny days.

  • Mr. Jeff: Your clean clothes delivered at home in 48 hours

    Mr. Jeff: Your clean clothes delivered at home in 48 hours

    26 MAR 2021

    We have signed a new collaboration agreement with Mr. Jeff, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy the comfort of his services, at a very special price for all the people staying in our student’s residence, or rooms, apartments and buildings for students and coliving in Barcelona.

    Mr. Jeff is an application that was created in 2015 and offers laundry and dry cleaning services at home. In addition, they are developing new functionalities to become a platform through which to reserve all kinds of services, to make your life much more comfortable.

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