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Christmas plans for students in Barcelona


Christmas is a great date in the university calendar as it becomes a period of long vacations to enjoy, make plans and for some of you, take advantage of the study of those subjects, to which has not almost paid attention during the course, because they seemed easy, because we should not forget that the exams in January are just around the corner.

But those that have been applied during the course, and have followed the recommendations of the letter to organize your time effectively, now you have a well-deserved rest day to enjoy in a relaxed and comforting way, and thus charge batteries and return to Start with desire and renewed energy.

What can a student do in Barcelona these Christmas days?

Visit the Christmas markets of Barcelona

Surely in a few days you will travel to your hometown to celebrate Christmas with your family, before catching the train or the plane, there is no better plan than walking through the streets and catching the Christmas atmosphere of Barcelona, approaching your markets to search handmade gifts with which to surprise your family and friends.

Just opposite the Cathedral every year, the most famous flea market of all that you find in this city is mounted at this time: the Santa Lucía Market. All the Christmas figures are present in this market, along with Christmas decorations and the famous and typical catalas figures "caganers" and "cagatió". There are more than 200 positions ordered throughout the square and hide a very special atmosphere; very close to here, in the Plaza Catalunya, for some years now, a fair trade market has been installed as a protagonist and far from the nerve center of the city, another smaller market is set up, the Sagrada Familia Christmas Market, in front of the west façade of this great work of art by Gaudí.

If you walk from one to another, do not forget to look up to not miss the lights that illuminate the city, so charming, at this time.

Come and enjoy the fallen snow near Barcelona

Taking advantage of the fact that the temperatures have dropped precipitously in recent days and have left us the first snowfalls of the season, do not leave without getting close to seeing the snow in the mountains near Barcelona. You can organize a train trip to the ski resorts of the Catalan Pyrenees. Those that are closer and have more snow, are those of Baqueira-Beret, in the spectacular Aran Valley of Lleida, La Molina-Masella in the beautiful valley of Cerdanya, and Vall de Núria: the place of story, if in place of skiing we prefer to enjoy the walks through the snow enjoying its winter landscapes from the rack train.

Happy pre-Christmas!


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