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college student in his room Barcelona

Why choose a student residence to live in Barcelona?


Are you coming to study in Barcelona? If it is your case and you are reading this article, it is because you have arrived at our website and that means that you want to live in a student residence, or at least, it is one of your accommodation options. If you still have doubts, after reading this article and seeing in detail the photos of our residences, we assure you that you will not have any doubt!

Advantages of living in a student residence.

SAFETY: This is the first and most important concern of your parents, her/his little son go away from home and they can no longer watch them closely, well, they should not worry, because our residences have 24-hour surveillance.

CLEANING: Are you a mess of order and cleanliness? Do not worry, one of the most wonderful advantages of living in our student residences is that we have a cleaning and laundry service.

THE HEALTHY FOOD: We all know that our mother's food is the best, but our food is so rich that we dare to challenge your mother. We worry because you have a healthy and balanced diet, eating pizza 4 times a week is forbidden if you want to have a high academic performance, as we have said many times, "we are what we eat".

THE POSSIBILITY TO LIVE WITH PEOPLE FROM ALL THE PARTS OF THE WORLD: in the residence of students continues the university atmosphere; all of you are in the same situation: you arrive new to the city, it is your first year of university, and you are from different parts of the world. Knowing new partners from different cultures, will enrich you much more than you think.

And after these clear advantages, you still have doubts, read on.
If you live in a student residence, you do not have to do the food and you do not have to clean, something that would take a lot of time and a lot of boredom, so you can spend that time doing sports, something that improves your body and your mind; that will make you much more focused on your study time, and you will considerably improve your grades. The time you spend studying will be of quality and you will not spend endless hours in front of the books, therefore, you will take advantage of your leisure time in the city of Barcelona to make new friends, to know secret corners and to enjoy all the possibilities.

Are you still in doubt?

We are waiting for you!