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college student in his room Barcelona

Tips to create an irresistible C.V


The last quarter of the academic year is approaching, and the stay in your student residence in Barcelona may be coming to an end, or maybe, you feel so good, and you are considering staying a year longer, but for that you must look for a job during the summer, or a job that allows you to study and work in Barcelona at the same time and you are looking for how to write an irresistible CV.

Let's get work on it and give you some practical tips.

The first thing is to ask one of the colleagues of your student residence in Barcelona, ​​who is already working, how to design your CV to get that job, but you should not copy it, but adapt it to your personality and to the sector in which you want to find work, since companies receive thousands of CVs and many of them are discarded at a glance, you should find what makes you different.

Avoid overly long or unprofessional CVs, and do not design a single curriculum. Each company has different needs, and just as you would not dress in the same way if you are going to do an interview in a bank, or a technology company, you must also have several ways of presenting yourself, depending on the company you are going to.

The CV will open from the screen of a computer. It is important to impact on the first page, because if you do not, few companies will continue to scroll through the computer to check the rest of the information you have written. The least relevant information you should leave for the end.

Do not forget to highlight the way to contact you, the phone and the mail should appear very visible.

It is not necessary to indicate the passport number, it is a little valuable information that if they need, they will worry about requesting you. In the address, you can put the one of your student residence in Barcelona so they can see that you are currently living in the city and available for an interview.

Structure the content well: there are those who think that the first thing you have to put in is training, and another that the first should be professional experience. We recommend that you use your own criteria and that you focus on what the company requests and what you consider to be your strong point to get the job. You must be clear and concise: it indicates what the company is looking for and why you are the best person to develop it.

Do not forgot the design: although on the Internet you have many templates that can help you, we recommend you be original and always give a personal touch.

Choose your best photo, without forgetting that it should be a professional photo, you should not cut out a photo that you made on a Saturday night having fun with your friends. If you can pay a photographer to take a photo of these characteristics would be the most advisable.

Barcelona Activa, there is a free city council service that can help you create an irresistible and professional curriculum to achieve your goal.