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college student in his room Barcelona

Study in Barcelona, the perfect city for millennials.


The balance achieved by the city, between the quality of life and the wide range of master and postgraduate studies, makes it a springboard and one of the preferred options for this generation that, perhaps before, decided to study in Barcelona , and now, it wants to establish itself professionally, since the environment of start-up of Barcelona, ​​offers a wide range of job opportunities in the technological field that a natural environment, for this generation.

The real estate aggregator Nestpick, conducted a study on the accommodation for this generation, when they start their professional adventure and, Barcelona, ​​ranked sixth in the ranking, as a city preferred by millennials to settle. Amsterdam occupied the first position, followed by Berlin, Munich, Lisbon and Antwerp and behind Barcelona, ​​cities such as Lyon, Cologne, Paris and Vancouver appeared.

Nestpick, affirmed on the results of the study: "we have witnessed firsthand a clear pattern of migration between millennials around the world to specific cities." "The data from the World Tourism Organization corroborate that travelers of this generation choose these same cities as a leisure destination, confirming their clear power of attraction."

The millennials do not want to establish themselves or have a stable job in a traditional city, they look for to live an experience, but cities cannot attract only for their great leisure offer, because otherwise, the balance would be lost.

The millennials who has finished studying, with good training, feels able to choose the city where he will settle for a while and, once there, he looks for work, as Marc Monguió, president of Jobfluent.com, commented.

The capacity of Barcelona to capture international millennial talent causes a collateral effect, since companies with a technological profile want to establish themselves in Barcelona precisely because of that capacity of the city to attract this type of talent. It is therefore not surprising that multinational companies such as Zurich, Nestlé or Volkswagen have opted for Barcelona when it comes to installing new digital innovation centers.

It is very important to maintain that balance between quality of life, tourism, international connections, employment opportunities for these technological profiles and an affordable standard of living, said Gerard Costa, of ESADE.

In our student residence in Barcelona, ​​many millennials live, living true experiences during their student years and, probably, they decide to settle down so as not to stop living them, in their professional stage.

Barcelona is powerful!