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college student in his room Barcelona

Study in Barcelona and have free plans, it is possible


Surely when you decided to study in Barcelona, ​​more than one, and more than two people, would tell you that it is a very expensive city for a student, and in part, they are right; the city is not exactly the cheapest cities in the world, its artistic and cultural offer, its exclusive restaurants and its avant-garde showcases, invite the consumption of those who live here, but, "the best of life is free" by that, we are going to tell you 3 plans for which you will not have to remove the portfolio in any moment.

A plan for people who like culture: visit the library of the Central University
Many do not know that this hidden treasure in the University of Barcelona with more than 500 years of history in its walls, is a small rough diamond of the city and can be visited completely free from October to June, during the academic year. It boasts of being one of the largest libraries in Spain and containing more than half a million books. Plan a visit to this great little place in the University Square and stroll later on the Ramblas, visiting the fountain of Canaletas, where it celebrates its titles the F.C. Barcelona, ​​entering the Boquería Market with its colors and its people and arriving at the statue of Columbus, almost an hour later, is a perfect plan for a Saturday morning.

A plan for curious people: visit a prison in the heart of the city.
The historic Penitentiary Center of “ La Modelo”, which was closed and stopped running last June, organizes from July to November, free guided tours for all those who want to know how this mythical prison worked. You will live a unique experience within a jail. In addition, in the center, you will find the exposition '13 histories of the Model ', which shows 13 moments and 13 people from the prison. Each one is associated with an emblematic moment of the place.

A plan for people who like sports: visit Montjuïc and the Olympic Village.
 If you are in full shape you can run up to Montjuïc mountain where you will find the most important constructions of the 1992 Olympics. You can find the Olympic ring, the Olympic Stadium Lluis Compays, and in the area of ​​the Palau Sant Jordi, a building constructed with peculiar rounded reliefs and which is now a multipurpose building where different sporting and musical events are held and which has at its side the Calatrava Tower. During the walk or the race, you will find many parks, museums and colorful fountains.

The "Magic Fountain" is a must visit, with choreographies of light, water, color and music, from Thursday to Sunday from 21 to 23:30. Take advantage that it will only be until the end of October! If you do not have time, you will have to wait until April next year.

And if you want to take the wallet, but it does not cost you the "VISA" reads the restaurants of Barcelona with the three B's.


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