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Main information included in a student contract to rent a room


When formalizing a rental agreement, it is very important to sign a contract to write down all the conditions, agreements and information about the agreement. Without this document, in addition to operating outside the legal regulations, you could run into problems and disagreements that in some cases can lead to significant losses of money. At Barcelona Residencias Sardenya, being a residence and offering full board rates, our contracts are a bit different. However, from Pisos Estudiantes Barcelona, ​​they have given us the following points that we want to share with you, so that you do not have any problems when formalizing an agreement of this type.

Ah! Remember that the signing of the contract should be an essential requirement to rent any of the rooms.

What are the typical clauses included in a contract?

For us it is extremely important to always operate in accordance with legal regulations and be transparent with our clients, therefore all the documentation sent to formalize any rental has been reviewed by our legal team, trying to be clear and consistent with all the information collected.

Contracts normally include the following sections, which are usually present in most agreements of this type:

  • Information about the landlord, the tenant, and basic data that should appear in any contract and agreement.
  • Contract period.
  • Amount to deposit as a deposit or surety.
  • Monthly amount to pay / Monthly rent.
  • Expenses associated with signing the contract.
  • Supplies (are they included? With which companies? Which ones?).
  • Part of the house that is rented, normally a room, but with use and enjoyment of the common areas.
  • Prohibition of subletting the property or rooms.
  • Maintenance and repairs - in our case it is the responsibility of the property if it is due to wear and tear and habitual use, but in charge of the tenant if it is due to misuse.
  • House Rules.
This is the most important information that appears as a general rule in rental contracts, have you been sent a contract with very different information or much more restrictive clauses? Review it well, and if you are not convinced, we will be happy to show you our accommodations, whose conditions you now know!


  • Ideas to celebrate Sant Jordi 2021

    Ideas to celebrate Sant Jordi 2021

    23 APR 2021

    In the last article we published a few days ago, we explained the origin of the celebration of Sant Jordi's day, a day that is full of magic, friendship, and expressions of affection and love.

    Last year due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic, Sant Jordi could not be celebrated as on previous occasions. This year, although we must be respectful and cautious with our activities, we will be able to go out again to admire the colorful streets that flood the city of Barcelona, ​​every April 23rd.

  • The legend of Sant Jordi

    The legend of Sant Jordi

    14 APR 2021

    As every year, today April 23rd, the day of Sant Jordi is celebrated, a super important date in Catalonia, and in other autonomous communities, in which Barcelona specifically lives in a super special way.

    The streets are filled with colors and life, since every April 23, everyone goes out for a walk through the streets of Barcelona, ​​to buy roses or books, which they will later give to their loved ones, as a token of affection and affection.

  • April: seasonal food

    April: seasonal food

    06 APR 2021

    With the arrival of April, a super special season begins and that in addition to being full of colors and aromas, marks the beginning of good weather.

    In addition to gradually enjoying a warmer climate, the days are also getting longer, and personally we love it, since the day lasts much longer if at the end of classes or work, you still have a few moments of sun. Some people prefer wintertime, but we are fans of summertime and its long sunny days.

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