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5 fun ways to learn english this summer


Now that you have passed your confinement and have taken your June exams, you can say that you are beginning to enjoy your summer vacation. Many of you have packed your bags to travel from our student residence in Barcelona to your home towns, and it is possible that, after a few days of rest, more than one of you has stopped to think: "what am I going to do with so much free time now? If this is your case, we propose you to study a new language this summer.

Fun ways to learn languages during summer holidays

1. Look for online courses that fit what you are looking for

It is the best option, to learn where and when you want the language you prefer. Although you want to occupy and take advantage of your time this summer, you don't stop being on vacation and having that freedom to do what you want when you want, although for that you have to be very responsible and constant. Try to plan your time, even if it's not much, and the days you will dedicate to this summer objective.

2. Get hooked on a series in English

Now that you have more time, I'm sure you'll get hooked on a series, do it by watching it in English. It's the most effective way to reinforce this language, but also to learn a new one if you have planned to do so. We recommend you start watching it in its original version and with Spanish subtitles, but when you see that you have progressed enough, we recommend you change the subtitles to the original version or directly remove them.

3. Listen to the music

Music can be the most fun way to learn a language. Make a Spotify list of international artists who are in this summer's hot seat. It's OK if you don't understand the lyrics at first (that's normal) but listening to the language will help you pick up on individual sounds and words. We recommend that you download the lyrics to learn more about the language and learn it yourself.

4. Research about APP's for the mobile

Nowadays, there are thousands of applications to learn languages in an interactive way from your own mobile phone. You can write, listen and even talk with them to improve your pronunciation, for example. There are many of them and many students spend hours and hours as if they were on Instagram.

5. We also recommend you change the language on your mobile phone

We recommend that you do this to improve the language you already speak, so that you learn completely new vocabulary and see it as something natural at the end.

There are 5 simple tips that do not require any effort and can be part of your summer holidays to achieve great results that you will notice when you start the next course in September.

Take a look at our student residence in Barcelona and find accommodation for your new university course where you will feel at home with other students who, like you, have just arrived to study in Barcelona.

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